Over the last 31 years, our goal for Recreational Vehicle Dealerships across the country has been to provide easy to use low cost custom solutions to help eliminate technology costs, increase profitability and provide greater efficiency for those dealers - Chris Denham, President DCS Software, Inc.

1 Time Entry

     Our RV dealership software helps you eliminate the need to re-enter the same information across your dealership departments with a single, one-time entry.

     Increased efficiency allows your entire dealership more time to focus on generating departmental profitability.

     Access to our centralized shopping center where you can pick and choose from over 200+ vendors and lenders all in one place.


     No matter what you are looking for, you will find it here.

$0 Cost To You

     You increase profitability by eliminating costly fees for departmental inventory control software, websites, CRM’s, sales forms, extended support, and maintenance.


     Enjoy knowing that all this can be provided to you at no cost. 


      Since 1986 our dealers and vendors have worked together to provide a way, at no cost to you, to get a top of the line complete full front-to-back automated RV dealership software that features integrated vendors, lenders and aftermarket products.

18 Seconds

     Is all the time it takes for you to talk with one of our support representatives.  No more callbacks or emails if you need assistance.


     We know that when you are in the middle of a sale, writing a work order, entering a lead, or helping a customer, there isn't time to spare if you need assistance with our inventory control software.


      That is why when you call, on an average of 18 seconds, you will get a support representative who will help you.  Rest assured you will have all the assistance you need at a moment’s notice.

DCS, Inc. has installed software in over 3,300 dealerships and we has been producing RV Dealer Management Systems for over 30 years.

For over 30 years, we have been in the business of providing the hard working men and woman of the RV industry with reliable, easy to use custom software packages to assist in running their dealerships more effectively. 


DCS provides hands-on dealership software support to you the moment you need it. With an average hold time of 18 seconds from call to a live agent, you'll never operate without support when you need it.


With our no-cost plan, we offer the highest level of service and support available today. If you prefer to pay, our RV dealer management system plans start as low as $49.95/mo.


40% of our RV dealers have been with us for over 17 years. We value our customers' needs and strive to make sure you are fully satisfied with your products.

Trust Us for Reliable RV Dealer Software

We are waiting for your call to get started! Give us a call today to schedule a live, hands on demo tailored to you RV dealerships needs.

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If you have a problem, we have a solution. All our staff have extensive backgrounds in the RV industry, so we know a thing or two about the in's and out's of the dealer's experience.

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    - BH / PH                                             - GM Charts

    - In-House Leasing                             - Payroll

    - Special Finance                             Daily Rental

- Service Department                             - Multiple Classes

    - Service Writing                              Websites

 - Parts Department                                - Credit Bureau

       - Counter Sales                             CRM

       - Parts Master Files                          - Followup

Complete Dealership Integration

Much, Much More

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