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Software Packages and Pricing 


Sales Management

$24.95 / mo.

Essential + Premium Features

  • Deal Recap & Review

  • Closed Deal Mgmt.

  • Business reports

  • Advanced Vehicle Inventory Module

  • Calif. DMV Integration

  • Vendor Integration

Premium + Enterprise

  • Custom Website 

  • CRM 

  • Internet Lead Management 

  • Buyer / Co-Buyer

  • Vehicle 

  • Vin Decoder

  • Business report 

  • Advanced Vehicle

Sales Management

  • Website

  • CRM

  • Internet Lead Management 

  • Service Writer 

  • Parts Inventory Manager

  • Full Shop Intigration

  • Carfax Reporting 

  • Sales Calculator

  • Auto Calc Sales Tax

  • Payment Rollbacks

  • Buyer / Co-buyers

  • Vehicle Input 

  • Vin Decoder

  • Deal Desking Tool

  • Plain paper printing

Our Dealership Applications (APP's) are intended to help automate any and all of your dealership's services;

Lender's Vendors and After market Providers in addition to your Sales, Accounting, Parts and Service, Rental, Finance and Special Finance offers, Regardless of size. 

What does Premium include?

  • The Premium package is a more advanced system enabling you to track all details of your inventory including the associated costs, book values, repair orders, vendors, smog dates, VIN decoding, dealership lot locations, and much more. 

  • The Sales Management calculator integrates to your vehicle inventory to pull precise asking price and cost figures, while eliminating double entry and simultaneously allowing you to track profit while working a deal.

  • Also induced are the Recap and Close Deal Process which stores every detail of your deal from start to finish; available to recall to the screen instantaneously.

  • The premium reporting modules give you access to pre-programed modifiable reports such as accounting reports, taxes payable, inventory, and much more.

  • The Custom report designer allows you to create sales and inventory reports based on your dealerships specific needs.

  • The Credit Bureau feature allows you to capture all history and personal information for credit processing. 

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